Wealth Preservation of Central Pennsylvania

Working with Wealth Preservation of Central PA

Preserving Seniors wealth-their assets including their home-requires a careful analysis of every legal and financial issue together; not separately. Minimizing inheritance taxes and income taxes while protecting assets from bills and care Including in home care, assisted living and nursing home care is complex and requires both legal skill and planning skill combined.

How much can I gift and when can I do it? We can transfer virtually unlimited assets to heirs without incurring gift taxes while avoiding Medicaid disqualification. We can advise our clients regarding Veterans Benefits that pay up to $2,100 monthly.

Did you know your 401(K) and IRA funds are subject to both inheritance taxes and income taxes that can be avoided with careful planning?

We can accomplish so much for our clients because of the combined training and skills of both an Elder law practitioner and a wealth preservation expert.

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