Professionally Speaking... Can I Retire Worry Free?

On August 15, 2013

By Daryl J. Gerber, Esquire

Finally, simplifying finances and removing risk from the retirement portfolio insures against sleepless nights over economic downturns or over a significant drop in retirement assets. Only funds a retiree can afford to do without should be placed into mutual funds, stocks, variable annuities and bonds. A mix of liquidity i.e. certificates of deposits and guaranteed growth of assets through appropriate annuity products are essential.

A qualified Elder Law Attorney will be able to prepare all necessary legal documents, plan to preserve assets in the event a Senior or their spouse needs to move to a nursing home and help to direct the Senior to a qualified wealth preservation expert who will work with the Senior and their attorney to design a worry free retirement financial plan.

Consult a qualified Lebanon County Elder Law Attorney to plan a worry free retirement, the sooner, the better.