Areas of Legal Expertise

The Law Office of Daryl J. Gerber is dedicated to two specific areas of legal expertise:

The Law Office of Daryl J. Gerber is dedicated to Elder Law

Elder Law

The first is the practice of elder law and helping Seniors and their families with the critical and complex legal, financial, and medical issues unique to those over sixty years of age. By providing planning unique to each individual's circumstances maximum benefits and protections for Seniors are put in place. These protections and this planning remove the burden from Seniors and their children, many of whom are Seniors themselves.


The Law Office of Daryl J. Gerber is dedicated to Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice

Personal Injuries/Medical Malpractice

The second area of the law which we emphasize is the evaluation and resolution of personal injury and medical malpractice claims. This is not a law firm where clients are handed from one attorney to another or their cases are not given full consideration. We believe that one on one attention, caring, and utilization of our skills and experience will maximize our client's results as we have done in the past including cases and in which personal injury and malpractice have resulted in death. These are very serious matters that require very serious representation.

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We are focused on delivering unsurpassed client experiences.


Take a look at what our clients have to say about us...

Beth Myers

Both of my parents were in need of long term care and I didn't know what to do. Daryl and Kay helped me plan for their care.

They evaluated the cost to provide for their care, reduce their taxes and make my job much easier. Their knowledge and experience was just what my parents and I needed.

Karin Rank

Daryl and Kay showed me how to protect my inheritance from stock market losses and achieve steady growth so I was able to plan my retirement with confidence.

Lynne Hopfel

Daryl and Kay helped me prepare my Will and coordinate my legal plan with my financial plan. Being conservative, I love not having to worry about my retirement money.

Wanda E. Auge

Daryl handled my divorce and then Kay helped me set up the settlement money. I took her plan and showed it to my financial planner and he said he can't touch it. I am very happy.

Norm-Anne & Randy Rothermel

The first time I consulted with Daryl Gerber was to ensure my father’s financial house was in order before my father passed away. After my father’s death, my brother and I went to Daryl to settle my father’s estate, including the sale of my father’s house. At the same time, we also consulted with Kay Gerber regarding the best way to invest our inheritance. With her guidance, we invested in a great annuity. In June 2013, my husband retired from the Federal government and went to Kay to invest the money he saved while working. Now, I am about to retire from State employment and once again, I recently consulted with Kay to make sure my hard-earned money is invested wisely. All along the way, I have found Daryl and Kay Gerber to be very knowledgeable in estate issues and financial matters. I completely trust them with my legal and financial matters. Plus, they and their staff treat you like a member of their family! I highly recommend Daryl and Kay for your estate and financial investment issues.

Legal Services

We offer a wide range of legal services uniquely suited to provide the best possible comprehensive legal/financial planning for Seniors. please don't hesitate to contact us.

Why choose the Law offices
of Daryl J. Gerber?

Daryl has the legal training and almost forty years of experience in Elder Law to provide the best possible legal advice for Senior's and their families. Kay, being Pennsylvania's foremost Wealth Preservation expert and someone who trained financial planners and insurance agents, provides expertise to plan Seniors financial matters.

Daryl and Kay both have parents in their eighties and appreciate what Seniors and their fifty or sixty-something children must deal with and prepare for in this increasingly complex area of legal and financial planning. They care about Seniors.

Our Seniors get the best possible advice on protecting their assets and wealth because we have training in the areas of estate tax law, inheritance tax law, social security law, Medicaid law, Veterans Administration law, and nursing home law. Advising people in their thirties, forties, and fifties in regards to financial matters is completely different and far simpler than protecting Seniors wealth in the complex world of long term medical care and nursing home costs. Seniors losing all of their assets and having nothing to pass on to their children and grandchildren is increasingly common without proper planning. We are uniquely capable of providing protection for Senior's and their families.

Working together, Daryl and Kay provide Senior's and their families legal and financial planning which is perfectly coordinated to maximize and preserve Seniors hard earned nest egg. Why settle for anything less? Together they provide maximum income tax savings, inheritance tax savings and preservation of Senior's assets from $100,000/per year cost of nursing care, thus ensuring financial security for them to leave for their children and grandchildren.

Estate Settlement

The death of a loved one can create overwhelming stress and confusion. What needs to be done and how long do I have to do it?

Our office has been settling estates for over 50 years and we pride ourselves in giving daily attention to the estates we work on in order to settle them frequently in half the time it takes other law firms. We know the probate law and how to reduce inheritance taxes and with Kay in our office how to make claims on life insurance policies and annuities. Kay also has the unique ability as an insurance agent to be able to rollover annuities into other products to protect beneficiaries from the unwelcome surprise of an income tax consequence on top of the inheritance tax cost.

We perform all of the bookkeeping, accounting, bill paying and finally preparation of the inheritance tax return and subsequent audit by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. We spend time each day working on estates to complete them faster and more efficiently than other firms. We work to avoid family conflict and take the burden off of the Executor or Administrator of the estate.

Estate Planning

We provide planning which answers these and all other questions:

  • Do I need a living revocable trust?
  • How can I avoid the double taxation imposed by an IRA 401K or a qualified annuity in my estate?
  • How can I minimize the taxes from my estate?
  • Do I need a Healthcare Power of Attorney?
  • Do I need a Durable Power of Attorney?
  • How do I coordinate my financial affairs with my legal affairs?

Our clients have a unique advantage because we have a wealth preservation expert as well as the attorney who can make sure your estate planning minimizes your estate taxes and that the financial and legal directions are identical and function together smoothly to protect you and your heirs. No other law office in the area offers this unique service. We work with parents and their adult children to protect family assets and insure that they last for the lifetime of mom and dad and that there are funds remaining for the children.

We know how to position assets to meet unexpected medical costs which Seniors frequently have and how to sustain a Senior through the incredible cost of in home nursing care or life in the nursing home. The rules are extremely difficult and complex. Banks, financial planners and life insurance agents are not qualified to protect your retirement assets from these areas of the law because they simply do not have that training. This is why the Law Office of Daryl J. Gerber is the LAW OFFICE FOR SENIORS.

Powers of Attorney

Pennsylvania has recently enacted a Healthcare Power of Attorney statute and this document is different from the previous living will with which many may be familiar. It is essential to have a carefully drafted Healthcare Power of Attorney to comply with the current law and protect family members in the event of incapacity.

The second Power of Attorney is a Durable Power of Attorney which essentially applies to all financial affairs that a person has. Without this document incapacity could result in a costly court proceeding to obtain guardianship in order to be able to handle the affairs of the senior. A Durable Power of Attorney is a must.


A carefully drafted will can avoid costly problems and delays in settling an estate. Properly drafted and planned your will can address tax issues and eliminate family disputes. It allows you to determine who receives your property and who settles your estate.


Trusts can be useful planning devises which are typically unique to each individual. In our office a trust will not be recommended simply to be able to charge more fees but only if it provides protection for our clients and fits into their Estate Plan.

Medicaid and Nursing Home Planning

The unique training and skills combined by Daryl and Kay is a powerful weapon to protect Seniors from the complexities of Medicaid law and the hundred thousand dollar ($100.000) a year cost of nursing home care. We can recommend long term care (LTC) insurance that actually works for you and can even reduce inheritance taxes. We can also transfer assets from parent to children to qualify the parent for medical assistance and protect those assets the parents worked a lifetime to accumulate so that they remain available for the parents needs and to pass on to the children. Again this planning is unique and complex and can be found nowhere else but in the Law Office of Daryl J. Gerber.

Veteran Benefits

A veteran who was in active duty during a wartime conflict maybe eligible for a benefit known as Aid and Attendance. This can provide up to $2,000 per month to the veteran and if the veteran is deceased up to $1,200 for their spouse. Again there are complex requirements that have to be met in the law for qualification for this benefit and we can assist in the planning which can preserve assets and still qualify our clients for these benefits. This often makes paying for assisted living painless.

The planning we are able to do requires consideration of the Medicaid rules which are entirely different and often contradictory. It is this type of complexity which financial planners and insurance agents are unable to assist or advise.

The Law Office For Seniors

The unique interdisciplinary skills of Daryl and Kay provide our clients with financial and legal planning resources unavailable from other financial planners or law offices. Our skills and training are dedicated solely to Seniors and our uniquely developed capability to preserve the assets of Seniors when financial hardship is only a heartbeat away is vital and invaluable. We offer a free initial consultation so there is no excuse not to enjoy the benefits of the best possible planning for Seniors to preserve their wealth.

Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice

With four decades of experience Daryl J. Gerber is able to analyze and evaluate personal injury or malpractice claims with objectivity and precision. He is then able to recommend the best possible trial experts to maximize your benefits. This service costs nothing additional to our clients. We provide a free initial consultation and discussion of the strengths and the weaknesses of any claim and provide the assurance that the enormous decision of who to trust with your claim is very simple and easy. Our experience ranges from wrongful death in automobile accidents to relatively minor injuries. Our experience in medical malpractice also included wrongful death cases as well as others involving crippling and life changing injuries.

We don't spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising. We are simply your local resource to get you on the path to the very best law firm to handle your claim at no additional cost to you.

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"No time is soon enough to plan for your future years. Putting your house in order with a Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, and planning to meet the potential expense of nursing home care provides our spouses and children with security and protection" says Daryl J. Gerber of the law firm of Law Office of Gerber & Associates.

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On August 15, 2013

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) Senior Housing Locator powered by SNAPforSeniors®, an online navigational tool designed to help you and your clients find senior housing anywhere in the nation faster and easier.

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Professionally Speaking... Can I Retire Worry Free?

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The secret to retiring worry free is to resolve legal and financial matters leaving health as the sole question mark. This process starts and ends with a qualified Elder Law Attorney. Prospective retirees must insure that they have an accurate and complete up to date Will, Durable Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Directive (Living Will) in full force and effect. Preplanning and, if possible prepaying for a funeral, benefits not only the retiree but also takes significant stress away from their family.

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